Poet's Corner, for the one's who's art is their pen.

Rosemary Black

At the end of the road in a lonely old shack

There once lived a woman called Rosemary Black

She lived all alone with her old black cat

Her only visitor an odd stray rat

She was never seen when it was light

But she would come out in the dead of night

Some people often wondered why

They even said they had seen her fly

The rumours came as rumours do

and no one knew if they were true

They blamed her for this blamed her for that

They even blamed her old black cat

One night they decided to see where she went

So they followed the woman crooked and bent

With her old black cat following behind

Everyone wondered what they would find

Then under a tree not far away

The old woman knelt down and began to pray

And there in the moonlight for all to see

Was a big wooden cross from an old oak tree

Flowers of every shape colour and size

They could hardly believe their own two eyes

They looked at each other with shame and disgust

For being to the woman so unjust

Not long after that the old woman died

One or two in the village cried

Then in her memory they put up a plaque

Here lies the body of Sweet Rosmary Black.

Hazel Marsay

Full Circle

Ever changing visions, tomorrow shows our past

We think we are advancing, but in stone was always cast

We could be going backwards, full circle unaware

We once had living God's, knowledge that they shared

They knew how to ley the lines, aligned with stars up high

We now think there's a mirror, of earth and heavens sky

They scribed with hidden codes, messages for today

There still to be deciphered, for we have lost our way.


Universal Law

When Mother Nature said to me, theres a universal law

I sat and watched her lessons, amazed at what I saw

Rivers of change, the ebb and flow, leave driftwood on the shore

It washes up the yesterdays, not needed any more

Relentless rains come falling down, not knowing when it ends

It cleanses what was needed, then shines it's rainbow friend

Winds of force that breakdown, all you thought was strong

If you learn to bend with it, things won't seem so wrong

Thunder claps then lightening strikes, can take you by suprise

If you count the inbetweens, you'll move if you are wise

The patterns of the elements, show universal law

It's the nature within our lives, the mirror that I saw.






Kind regards