Carawagon lending itself as a Creative Platform.

The latest development to Carawagon is it's multi faceted outdoor TV monitor , that also lends itself to displays of art for future exhibitions, a corner for poets and Storytelling.

 People are invited to display their works of art or send a video copy of their unique storytelling , Remember this is a 'mobile' creative platform so your art work will certainly be seen.....maybe even projected onto buildings. 

just get in touch and we'll do you an exhibition.  

Sessional Art Workshops

All disciplines of the arts: visual, dance/movement, music, drama/theater, and writing/poetry /storytelling are a basis for self discovery and change.
The arts have been an integral part of life for humans throughout history, we painted caves and painted our faces and bodies, we danced around the fire singing and playing drums, we told stories.

We as humans are becoming separate from art, when art is within us.

Sessional Art workshops can be arranged.


lost in Milan...

Working from imagery gathered from our life journey's and experiences. Memories and journals, when a sat nav reveals that we are not lost and have arrived at our destination.

This painting is original and has an unusual 'accidental illusion' . The theme of the picture is about nature and faerie's using minimal colour. Some may not see this image immediately and just see the cloak and leaves, but if you look into the picture you may see the phantom or maybe something entirely different. BOO!!

On a wing and a prayer

31. Jan, 2017

Julie Anne's shoestring venture - The Scarborough News

With just three pounds in her pocket.....

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On A Wing and A Prayer

My art is whatever anyone wants it to be, we all see differently. Sometimes created from my own feelings and experiences but often just following what the paint want´s to do, following the instinct of the brush and rhythms within the paint. I often play Music to help create the moods of the paintings, looking into the paint i then pull out the imagery and work from it. Varied styles fine art, surrealism, fantasy and illustration ....I also work from commisioned works and bring to life your imagination. Imagination creativity is within everyone.

Kind regards