16. Feb, 2018

Deactivating the evil empire Face Book, get real.


 I was only on FB for 3 months after giving it a try, when I 'recieved a cursed chain post' and a threat of 'share' or else..this will happen, that will happen, I told the poster what I thought about chain letters. Well here again! the place I want to write things that can not be twisted, distorted, and even have a little say in what the world knows about me. Do I want fb to tell me who I am, or celebrate the great time I have spent with FB. A programme that calculates my emojis, and trys to sum up my character, tells me what I like to wear and tell everybody else. Today's episode of face hate book vile and abuse helped me wake up to the dark side of facebook, and the reality of what can slip through those doors. It's fine in some ways, great speaking with long lost family and knowing that they are good happy human beings, but boy, is there a dark side, sitting and waiting for an opportunity to strike. It's  gone viral,viral ,viral! for some, a great opportunity to plug their news, but for the vulnerable it's a hole in the world that another soul falls into...luckily for me, my viral abyss just spiralled me and spat me out, no naked pictures, nothing to crush my ego or destroy me, I reminded face book that this picture and its threat of disaster did not scare me, and I was not going to share it and I was going to break it's chain. I was waiting for it's curse, in 13 hours  I was promised a back lash of disaster from it's curse. I laughed and teased with Tick tock, tick tock, I am waiting. So FB created a distortion of my words and made an opening for the torrent of vile that arrived .   I tried to plug Carawagon inbetween all the spew of vile as soon as it said, you have gone viral, not an easy task focusing when you have just been called a Tramp and a few other spicy words that don't belong on here or anywhere  ''  and not easy when suddenly aware that you are been sucked into somewhere you have no control of. What a strange bag of sensations  all at once, bombarded with hate, knowing their related, wondering about the curse coming to get me, trying to write and tell them to chill out, and trying to respond to this OPPORTUNITY to plug Carawagon 13 HOURS later and turn bad into good as I had promised to break it's wicked chain.  Oh, I do hope they ended up with the big wart that I promised to the original sender of the chain letter post ha ha.  Glad to be back in the land of the living, please be aware of the dark shadows lurking in facebook and the curse of today's fake reality that stops your children speaking to you, stops them going outside to play with real people, teaches them to hate, helps give a platform for bully's, teaches people to stalk and pry instead of living their own lives  , stops you sharing time with your partner, stops you making real friends, and interacting with real people and real life. Julie's take on FB, good Riddens to rubbish, the evil empire and it's poison deactivated, never the twain shall meet again.