7. Nov, 2017

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Among horses and wolves Paperback – 19 Sep 2017

Morgan is unsatisfied with his life. Fed up with stale routine and the fear of living the same day for the rest of his existence, he decides to quit his job and walk away. Armed with just a one way ticket to France he nervously dives into the hunt for adventure. But when his first night on foreign soil turns bad he finds himself fleeing town on the back of a motorcycle, accompanied by Robert Sally and Patrick Gates, two friends on a mission to make the most out of life. But as they pull back the throttle to speed away from


My book is finally ready to order on paper back!

That was the short version of this status for the 98% of you that won't read it, that's fine I forgive you, I wouldn't either. Adios, arrivederci, sayonara... 
But for the unfortunate 2% that feel obligated through blood or friendship or those that are governed by guilt curiosity or even desire! you need to keep reading the long version. Sorry about that. Well, you don't need to, you can just buy it and use the book as a dust collector or to prop up an unruly table, but I would like you to.

To error is human. 
I don't know what those teachers did all those years I was their prisoner but my spelling is not to be desired, I have tried to find all the mistakes but know the book still has them. I have always enjoyed writing, even as a kid, so for my teachers to not even have the capability to water a seed that was already there, shows they were as much use as Viagra at a feminist convention, and I hope they rot for it. But there is only so many times you can edit a book before you start feeling like taking a spoon and having a look at your intestines. So, if you notice an error then let me know. If you spot any discrepancy, not just spelling. Maybe I used the wrong name etc. Anything at all, let me know in a private message or face to face if you dare! But don't worry about punctuation, my writing is not text book I have long sentences and put comers where I want. It's a writers prerogative to write how the xxxx he wants.

Thanks for reading this far and thanks in advance for reading my book that took years to finish. Don't let that put you off constructive criticism. A true friend says when you have a bogy up your nose, they don't let them suffer with it dangling there for all to stare and snigger. Be a friend, be honest. And on the flip side let me know if you like it! I can't promise I will not be hurt if you don't, I have feelings of course. I can promise however that I won't take a disliking to you, I know you can't help it if you don't have good taste. Thank you and god bless America... uh I mean England, sorry.

PS: It is £6.04 each, with postage it comes to £9.03. But if you spend over £10 with Amazon it's free postage, so it's worth buying two :) then it works out only £3.01 for the second. I know you don't need two copies, but Christmas is coming up and I'm sure there is someone you don't like that you can give it to.