18. Mar, 2017


So I had an idea, it came from seeing for many years static caravans being transported throughout the country, perched on the backs of lorries, I always joked ''would make a great camper van''

In the past I had purchased camper vans in my price range (Old) had some great adventures in this country and the continent, but they all ended up in the same place shortly after purchase 'the scrap yard'. Even the one I purchased with a sparkling one years MOT, was a bit suspect. I do remember seeing a smiling glint in the man's eye when i handed over my dosh, and remembered i could'nt quite place his accent, was it English,no, Scottish,no, but I did know he was British!!!

Anyway, here in front of me was an Idea, now it was just a matter of joining the dot's, how to build It would come to me, that i was sure. I had my 2001 Ford transit crew cab flat bed and my, I don't know how old caravan, all I had to do was transplant the caravan onto the wagon. Where to do it was the question?? I lived on a narrow cobbled street in Scarborough North yorkshire,close to the harbour. I am lucky I rent a 300 year old plus fishermans cottage in a great part of town, however the drawback to building Carawagon was, I had no space, no access to the rear of the cottage, and only three foot to the front......I amongst other things suffer from severe Copd ( Smoking ???? not any more !!!!) So i knew it was going to be a long project (between breaths) so I  knew I was going to need some very patient neighbours and understanding neighbours!!

So just at this point I would like to extend my loads of thanks to the people of Quay street and surrounding Old town for their patience and understanding, encouragment, and for rushing around with concern on their faces when they thought the caravan had fallen on top of me!! Thank youCool

The build, well, first of all I had to figure out where to start........