Adventures in Northern France

2. Sep, 2018
2. Sep, 2018
2. Sep, 2018

The church bell rings in twos and throws

to a tune of a different time, also

when men gathered on the shrivelled sand 

and lay in poppies of broken hearts

in hope of the cliffs so white.

The fragrance of the wind

with it's morning smells

and enchantment of happy day's

call for us to be thankful for the peace of that bell

once rang in pain of beautiful souls

lost within a war of worlds

Those bells chime in hope for tomorrow 

in faith and belief of no more sorrow

Chime for yesterday

and ring out for today 

for we see the white cliffs

but never forget yesterday





2. Sep, 2018


 Lloyd Wheatley
The pack

Daisy was rolling for the white cliffs of Dover

Carawagon was waiting in the commune Ardres

soon Angel would be with us too

for time we all did thankfully possess  


we hit the road in search of adventure  

as life unmoving becomes stale and rotten

and in our hunt for new memories to gain

brought us to a little place called Watten


Angel was heading for the pack

that waited by the still canal

riding through the day free as a bird

at night all heard the sound of the church bell


with the morning sun we awoke, and

together to pont de l'arche we did roll

where Angel was a moment alone

to pick from the sky another soul


our journey took us then to Soissons

on Paris we had changed our mind

it was all that we were as one

and on the road we have no bind


in Esquelbecq the pack did thin

though we had one more night together

in the morning Angel had ridden

we were like a bird missing a feather


Daisy and Carawagon head to Dunkirk

where soldiers had been on the sand

but not far from our own minds

we were soon to leave French land


our journey had gone full circle

we had rolled back to Watten

knowing that our adventure together

would never be forgotten   


and so on our last night of the journey

sat by the still moonlit canal

we did talk and drink and laugh

and hear the sound of the church bell


in the morning we head to Calais

for Daisy was heading home

with dreams of adventures to come

with Carawagon new roads to roam


1. Sep, 2018