Adult tuition and Workshops

As a qualified teacher in the life long learning sector I can offer online adult tuition in :

  • Physical Theatre
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Visual Art
  • Arts for health
  • Dance as therapy

The Lifelong Learning sector covers five key groups: Further education (FE) - FE colleges, specialist institutions, sixth form colleges in England. Higher education (HE) - including universities and colleges of HE. Community learning and development (CLD) -Libraries, archives and information services (LAIS). Work based learning (WBL) - both publicly-funded and private sector training organisations concerned with the delivery of applied (vocational) training, which is primarily work based. NHS, Police, Armed forces.


I have worked with a wide range of adult learners and worked as a supply Teacher in secondary schools covering various subjects . I also have experience and training in special needs, primarily Autism/ Aspergers, learning disabilities, mental health and health care.

The age range of learners who are served by Lifelong Learning practitioners is wide ranging, from 14-19 year olds through to retired people, Individuals disadvantaged by poverty and/or social exclusion, e.g. disadvantaged communities or groups. Those with a learning difficulty and/or disability, physical or other disability or with mental health issues;  People in the social justice system; those at risk of exclusion. 

Adult 'Online' theory lessons can be tailored to suit the individual, with clear aims and objectives. Subjects tailored to suit your own needs, abilities, and background helping you to move forward at your own learning pace and style. 

If anyone would like to discuss their learning requirments or anyone interested in learning something new in a creative way, please get in touch.
















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