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The Road to Carawagon.

The Road to building Carawagon.

Fate....from another time extracted, to a time when the world want's to remove from the minds of men, their individualism.

So the questions are that when starting to write about Carawagon,

why? and where do you start?

The why, that's easy enough to answer, to show that anything is possible ' on a wing and a prayer' 'winging it' or on a shoe!!

The 'where' , is also easy !!

I have alway's believed ( even before Lion King) that life goes round in interjoining circles, from the great universe, stars, planets, down to our own important but humble lives.

So!! at whatever point I choose to begin on whatever circle I choose!! It is a perfect place to start!!!

And so ...I think I'll just jump on the circle that begins!!   'The road to Carawagon!!!

Hi...I was born, well perhaps I should say i was reborn, or maybe more to the point!!....Hi I came into existence about a year ago, January 2016. I just missed Christmas!! around a year or so before, I really believe i was not many miles, or kilometres or( whatever takes your fancy) away from one of the scrap heaps of life. The same i can say for my very close buddy, whom i never knew at the time. Infact at that time I was up somewhere around Newcastle, my soon to be buddy, somewhere around Redcar.

Can't really remember exactly what happened, it was all a bit of a whirlwind, one minute I was up in Geordie land, the next i was leaving Redcar with this thing hanging from my proverbial shirt tails, got to admit, all a bit scary, first time away from home.

Well there I was, night time, sat on a narrow cobbled street in Scarborough's old town close to the harbour, gazing at this unhitched thing I'd just dragged all the way from Redcar, not realizing then just how close this newfound buddy of mine would become!!

  • Drone Footage

  • The Whispering wind!! never mind that bullxxxx, where's our grub

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